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i'm no angel; i'm just me
but I will love you endlessly  

the way melissa looks at jacob though.


Happy anniversary Jarley!! (Version N° 2)

Jacob & Melissa - the chemistry test.

"The chemistry test with Jacob Artist, I like to think that there was like, fireworks right away."

"Right after I got cast, they had not found Marley yet and they were having them come into the recording studio a little bit and she was the first girl that I met out of any of these Marleys. It’s moments like that where I think it was meant to be."


"I think I’ve only ever talked to Jacob about it, how grateful we are to like have each other and have been able to go through this together and not have to deal with all the craziness of glee on our own" -Melissa Benoist

Jacob Artist on his very first fangirl.